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  • 蒸发器出现漏孔有办法补救吗?
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The repair mode of the leak in the evaporator:
1, for evaporator copper tube evaporator, leakage usually occurs in the place of welding. After finding the leakage hole, we should make up for leakage in time.
2, for the evaporator that can be leaks without dismantling the evaporator of the display cabinet, before the repair welding, the seal on the compressor of the evaporator of the display cabinet should be cut first, and the evaporator of the display cabinet is slightly heated so that the steam produced by the refrigerant in the evaporator of the display cabinet is discharged from the seal. When repairing welding, it is necessary to use silver gun welding, and usually use small welding gun and welding nozzle. At the same time, the flame can not be too strong, and as far as possible to shorten the repair welding time, and the action quickly and accurately leakage, prevent the heating time too long to cause large area distortion of the display cabinet evaporator.
3, in view of the leakage of the aluminum plate evaporator, we must first clean up the leakage of the evaporator before welding, and repair according to the following methods:
(1) aluminum and tin were melted into 2 mm thick aluminum tin electrode, and then three hundred watts of electric soldering iron was used to melt the aluminum solder bar. At the same time, the heat and friction were carried out at the same time in the hole.
Second, remove the copper layer of the discarded circuit board, then the remaining epoxy resin plate is ground into powder, and after screening, the flux is mixed with the rosin powder. A little flux is placed around the leak, and then the electric iron and the electrode are rubbed in the place where there is a leak.
(3) reconcile the self coagulating powder with the self condensing water according to 10:6. After a few minutes, put a little mixture of liquid into the hole.
(4) the one percent dilute phosphoric acid solution was taken to treat the leak around the hole, and then the iron trichloride was coated after a few minutes. After 1 minutes, the welding was made up with one hundred watts of electric soldering iron, and the residual flux was treated clean after the welding was repaired.