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  • 蒸发器融霜的问题该怎么解决?
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Although the evaporator is very useful, the phenomenon that the electric heating tube of the defrosting evaporator is burned out and the heating chamber of the water collecting plate is burned out appears successively in the course of using. So this paper introduces the existing problems of the evaporator equipment, analyzes the causes of the problems, and puts forward the corresponding improvement measures.
Evaporator often defrost failure.
The evaporator electric heating pipe is very easy to burn out, and because the evaporator electric heating pipe is composed of two heating pipes in series, one of which burns out, the circuit interruption can not work properly, so the frost on the evaporator body can not melt.
Ice on water collecting tray
There is no electric heating pipe in the water collecting pan, although the same electric heating wire is installed in the water collecting pan, but the power is very small, the quality is poor, and often failures occur. As the low temperature temperature temperature reaches below - 18, when the evaporator defrosts, the water into the water collecting pan will re-freeze before it has time to discharge, and it can not normally flow through the water collecting pan. Go.
Water plugging of downpipe
The breakdown of the electric heating wire of the water pipe. Because the electric heating wire of the falling water pipe is always in working state and its quality is poor, the failure rate of the electric heating wire of the falling water pipe is very high. Due to the long drop pipe, once the electric heating wire breaks down, the water into the drop pipe begins to freeze again before it has flowed away in the low temperature environment, and the defrosting can not be realized normally.
Improvement measures:
1. The main reason why the evaporator can't defrost is that the electric heating quality is accumulated in the problem, and the series connection is used. Therefore, we should use heating pipes rated at 220V, and use parallel connection.
2, redesign the water collecting tray to ensure that the evaporator defrosting water will not freeze for two times after the water collecting tray.
3. Improving the truncated downcomer is to shorten the downcomer as short as possible, add a catchment bucket under the catchment pan, and replace the new catchment bucket before the water in the catchment bucket is full.